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The Benefits of a Bill of Quantities

bill of quantities

Using a bill of quantities is a great way to ensure that you have accurate and reliable estimates for your project. Having accurate estimates helps you to avoid costly disputes and can also help you to get a better deal from your contractor.

Speeds up the estimating process

Whether you’re looking to hire workers, plan a project, or calculate materials, the bill of quantities is a valuable resource. With the help of digital technology, you can speed up the estimating process for your construction project and deliver more accurate estimates.

The Bill of Quantities is a summary of all materials needed for a construction project. It’s issued by firms tendering for construction jobs, providing information on how to price the materials, the amount of labor required, and other factors. It’s a tool used by architects, quantity surveyors, and other construction professionals. The information contained in the Bill of Quantities is invaluable to contractors and other trades.

Traditionally, material estimates were done by measuring blueprints or taking measurements by hand. Cubit Estimating Pro speeds up the estimating process by allowing you to easily create detailed estimates, trace and measure all information, and track your projects. It also allows you to change items post-estimate. This software is user-friendly and has free online training. It is also a collaborative tool, allowing you to edit and share the details of your estimate.

Cubit Estimating Pro also allows you to easily import any file. It also has real-time tracking and variation management. You can also link your assessed quantities to Excel for a more accurate estimate. You can also modify the software in real-time.

You can also use the Bill of Quantities to help you calculate the total cost of your project. The total cost is calculated by summing up the products of the quantities and dividing by the unit cost. You can also decompose your project into elements. The elements can include design technology, construction materials, and labor hours. You can also add in taxes and other costs.