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Electrical Estimating Course – Learn to Estimate Electrical Projects and Prepare a Bid

Learn to estimate electrical construction projects and prepare a bid. This hands-on course is based on the Suderman Estimating System and is Gold Seal accredited. It covers everything from material take-off to estimating and pricing materials.

A career as an electrical estimator requires exceptional interpersonal skills as well as the ability to analyze quotes. In addition, it is important to have a good understanding of construction estimating best practices and the use of accurate electrical estimation software tools.

Overview of the Course

In this course, participants will learn to systematically put together an accurate bid for electrical work. They will begin with a breakdown of the labour and material costs and then move through a series of Excel forms to determine subcontractor and supplier rates. They will then add overhead and all other job costs to finalize the estimate. Finally, adding profit and discussing selling the job will complete this comprehensive approach to estimating.

This course is intended for journeyperson electricians; purchasing personnel; engineers, architects and technicians; and general contractors who would like to enhance their estimating skills. It is an ideal stepping stone towards becoming an ASPE Certified Professional Estimator.

The instructor of this course has 45 years of electrical industry experience in the field and in estimating; as a journeyman, foreman, project manager, estimator, designer, and vice president of a major electrical mechanical contractor. He bought Suderman Estimating in 2002, and has developed this estimating training program from the ground up. John has taught the program to thousands of contractors across Canada. He is a BC Master Electrician FSR Class A and has obtained Gold Seal certification from the Canadian Construction Association. This course is eligible for CLAC funding if the applicant works for a company that contributes to the CLAC Training Fund. Upon completion of the course, students will receive two Gold Seal points.

Basic Concepts

This course will teach the participants the basic concepts of construction electrical estimating and provide a practical approach to preparing estimates. This is an essential step to preparing an accurate and competitive bid. It is a hands on course that uses the Elemental format to help the participants understand the process of doing an estimate. It will cover taking off a drawing and spec application, pricing of materials and labor, determining labour units and applying them to the estimate, analyzing a job and writing up a tender document.

The course will also explore the different types of wiring systems and their costing. The participants will be familiar with different wiring techniques, colour-coding, various breaker configurations and sizing of equipment. They will be able to read and interpret schematics, wiring diagrams and one-line diagrams.

The course is taught by John Stewart, BC Master Electrician FSR Class A and an estimator with a large commercial electrical contractor in Edmonton. He has over 30 years in the electrical industry and has a passion for teaching and training others in his field. He purchased the Suderman Estimating system in 2002 and has brought it up to a nationally-accredited Gold Seal program. John has extensive experience in residential, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial estimating and enjoys passing on his knowledge to other estimators.

Case Studies

While professional qualifications are a prerequisite for becoming an electrical estimator, many employers prize field experience in addition. It is therefore important to gain deep engagement with cost estimation projects early on in your career. Fortunately, there are various avenues to this. While a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field is an option, there are also numerous certificate courses that focus on the subject.

A comprehensive and accurate estimate is a necessary requirement to ensure the safety and profitability of any construction project. During this course, participants will put into practice the necessary skills to prepare and submit a successful bid for an electrical job. Whether you are an experienced electrician or a beginner, this course will help you gain the confidence and know-how to succeed.

The Suderman Estimating System is an estimating program that allows you to conduct estimates in a systematic way from start to finish. The program has easy to follow forms that guide you step by step through the process. Errors are easily identified, and all materials and labour units are listed.

Final Exam

The final exam is a web-based, timed test. It will include multiple-choice questions and short-answer essays. Students should start preparing for their exams well in advance and should try to stay calm and not worry about the results. This will help them score good marks. They should also start studying on a regular basis to make sure that they are prepared for the exam.

The course covers the basic concepts of electrical estimating at an introductory level. Participants will learn how to systematically put together an estimate for work using the appropriate forms. This includes take-off sheets, pre-bid checklists, and labour unit pricing charts. The participants will also learn how to calculate branch wiring and feeder schedules.

Modern electrical estimating requires the use of computer software tools that deliver fairly accurate results for each project. Moreover, electrical estimators must be tech-savvy and familiar with the latest industry standards. Many employers prefer to hire qualified professional estimators who are members of the American Society of Professional Estimators, or ASPE.

A career in electrical estimating is a high-demand and rewarding one, especially if you have the right training. You can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electrical technology, or construction management, and pursue a specialty in cost estimating. In addition, you can take a specialized certificate program in electrical estimating.