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Electrical Estimating Software Australia

In the realm of electrical engineering and construction, precision is a prerequisite. Electrical estimating software australia heightens precision and simplifies processes for professionals. It is available in an array of variants to suit the requisites of diminutive businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Digital takeoff software for electricians makes estimating jobs up to 80% faster. It enables contractors to eliminate error in their estimating process, which can be costly.

DGE Electrical

DGE Electrical is a full-service electrical construction company that works on large designs and installations for clients such as Auckland Airport and Fonterra. Their services include design, engineering, estimating, tender reviews, and project management. In addition, they offer maintenance and service contracts. Their team of highly-skilled engineers and electricians is available to handle any size job.

Incorporating the latest technology, a custom electrical estimating software solution heightens precision and simplifies processes. This type of software integrates seamlessly with diverse project management and accounting tools, ensuring seamless cooperation and data synchronization. This software also allows users to fab estimates with consummate ease, and it is often priced affordably. Whether you are a diminutive enterprise in search of simplicity or a colossal business in pursuit of advanced features, electrical estimating software is an indispensable tool for all your undertakings.

In the field of estimating, the most successful companies have comprehensive estimating tools to streamline the entire process and maximize profitability. These tools include extensive databases, accurate material pricing, and efficient labor cost computations. They also provide a complete picture of the project budget and timelines. In addition, they can automatically convert a project estimate to an invoice with a click of a button. This saves time for both the customer and the electrician, reducing overall costs. In addition, a digital platform allows staff to collaborate more effectively and eliminates paper plans.


Tradify is a cloud-based job management software that helps trades and service businesses to streamline business processes. It offers solutions for job tracking, invoicing, quoting, and scheduling. The company serves sectors including electrical, plumbing, building and construction, and cleaning. Its customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large companies. Its offices are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The software allows users to create quotes and estimates using custom templates. They can also import supplier price lists to increase the accuracy of their pricing. It also enables them to turn timesheets and receipts into invoices. The system also allows them to track and monitor job progress in real time.

Tradify has a customer satisfaction rating of 93%. Its users are satisfied with the software’s functionality, ease of use, and integration with accounting systems. It is compatible with Xero and MYOB, allowing users to sync their contacts and sales invoices. It also enables them to track job progress in real-time, manage staff availability, and optimize their field operations. The company also provides mobile apps that help employees stay productive while on the go. They can access jobs, contacts, invoices, and receipts from any device. The app also allows them to track GPS location and share dispatch and routing directions.


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McCormick Systems

McCormick Systems develops estimating software for specialty contractors in the Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical trades. The company’s estimating programs are designed for companies of any size and can be used on a Microsoft Windows platform or network. They include four levels of estimating applications, including the all-in-one Design Estimating Pro program that incorporates digital takeoff.

The program has a robust set of features that allows users to improve their construction workflows and maximize productivity. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. It offers multiple ways to count assemblies simultaneously and presents an audit trail that can be used to create a customized bid. It also offers a variety of reports to track project costs.

It includes thousands of electrical item details and pre-designed assemblies to assist contractors in producing accurate service estimates. The estimating system also allows contractors to import equipment prices from leading pricing services like Trade Service and NetPricer. Its estimating modules also support material billing, time management, change order tracking and CAD.

The McCormick estimating software allows users to customize their job screens so they can view the information that is most important to them. This allows for more efficient estimating and helps to reduce data entry errors. The software also supports a variety of reporting formats, including graphs, tables, and lists. It also allows contractors to easily upload images, documents, and drawings.