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HVAC Estimating Software

Proper HVAC estimating is essential to any job, regardless of size or scope. Inefficiently formatted documents can cause bids to be overinflated and clients to switch contractors. In addition, a complex estimating process increases the risk of undershooting a project and overshooting it. An organized, neatly formatted bid document makes it easier for customers to choose an HVAC contractor. In addition to this, a neat estimate document is the first thing customers will notice about the contractor.


Using HVAC estimating software is a great way to track projects, input materials, adjust options and pricing, and generate bids for your clients. SimpleHVAC is a commercial HVAC estimating program that helps sheet metal contractors manage their estimates. It is easy to use and allows you to generate bids for projects without spending too much time. It was developed by a commercial HVAC contractor for sheet metal contractors and comes with a variety of useful features, including an estimating calculator and project tracking tools.

To provide accurate estimates for your clients, HVAC technicians should have a consistent proposal template and pricing structure to follow. Using a proposal template makes the process of creating proposals uniform and easy to explain to customers. Here are the steps to creating a high-quality residential HVAC proposal. Once you’ve created an estimate, it’s easy to follow up on leads with automated reminders and follow ups. In addition to a consistent pricing structure, it also improves your sales data analytics and business reporting.

Customers asking for HVAC estimates want to know how much the labor will cost. Some customers are only interested in price and are not as specific about the process. An HVAC estimate makes it easy for the customers to understand the expenses and communicate with HVAC contractors about the entire process. It also makes it easier for HVAC contractors to communicate with customers and earn repeat business. With SimpleHVAC, estimating is a breeze! Simply download the program and start estimating for your projects today!

During the bidding process, a contractor might attempt to gloss over any changes and get something for nothing. An unethical contractor may intentionally try to undercut the estimate to increase his own profits. A good HVAC estimator will be able to distinguish between favoritism and artificially lowering the bid. So, how can you find out if the contractor is trying to cheat? Simply follow these steps.


WenPipe HVAC estimating software is a powerful tool that combines plumbing and HVAC piping into one powerful system. This software can be customized to meet your company’s needs and provides fast takeoff. It is ideal for any size HVAC company, and can be used by both contractors and home owners. The software is user-friendly and provides a complete takeoff for piping. The Windows 64 version is still in Beta testing, so you may encounter bugs.

WenDuct HVAC estimating software features a built-in database of price estimates, mobile invoices, and visual assemblies. The software is also equipped with labor and material cost data. WenPipe hvac estimating software features can help HVAC contractors manage their businesses better and make more money. With WenDuct HVAC estimating software, HVAC contractors can increase their productivity by as much as 20%. The software is compatible with electrical and plumbing contractors, and it can also help them with estimating.

WenDuct HVAC features all five modules, and includes more features under each of these. STRUCTURE offers AIA billing, project management, and payroll. It also features conceptual estimates and digitizer integration. WenPipe HVAC is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, as well as with Project. A complete project management solution should allow a contractor to estimate costs, schedule labor, and track project progress, and manage budgets and projects.

QuoteSoft Duct is a cloud-connected HVAC estimating software that allows users to easily estimate material and labor costs. It is designed to be intuitive to use, but also integrates CAD and BIM technology. It’s easy to learn and set up, and the company offers free online training and setup. And it’s fast and flexible. It is designed by contractors for contractors, and enables users to manage projects more effectively.


With Esticom HVAC estimating software, you’ll be able to streamline the entire quoting process from start to finish. With easy-to-use, cloud-based tools, Esticom eliminates the need to move data from Excel to paper plans. You can upload digital plans and adjust your overhead and profit margin all within a single tool. It also integrates seamlessly with your accounting and payroll systems.

For specialty contractors, the Esticom cloud-based estimating software is ideal for combining takeoff data and customer data from Tigerpaw. This combined data then helps users generate estimates within a digitized blueprint, which is then sent back to Tigerpaw. With Esticom, you can also manage larger projects and track profitability. Check out the full Esticom profile to learn more about the product. While you’re researching the features of Esticom HVAC estimating software, take a look at the company’s benefits.

Estecom HVAC estimating software streamlines the entire quoting process, including measurement and cost estimating. It also offers robust takeoff tools and a user-friendly interface. Users can access Esticom on any device with a web-browser. In addition, the cloud-based system works seamlessly with third-party solutions, allowing users to access real-time cost estimating data. Moreover, Esticom is compatible with multiple users within an organization.


PlanSwift HVAC estimating software makes it easy to come up with accurate estimates. It helps you isolate portions of a blueprint, sort them by importance, and then measure them with the use of the plan’s tools. These tools calculate the amount of materials and labor required for the project and automatically generate the materials list. Moreover, it helps you to ensure healthy margins. Its user-friendly interface lets you make estimates with a few clicks.

PlanSwift is 100% Excel compatible, which allows you to integrate the software into pre-formatted Excel workbook templates and customize your estimating tools. It also offers a powerful estimating tool that can be used for a variety of different tasks, including determining the efficiencies of your business processes. Once you’ve created a plan using PlanSwift, you can easily track costs, bid more projects, and manage your business more effectively.

The accuracy of PlanSwift HVAC estimating software is unmatched in the industry. It’s also very easy to use and has top-notch customer support. You’ll be able to produce accurate estimates in no time. And if you’re not sure about whether PlanSwift is right for you, consider taking a free 14-day trial before you make a decision.

In addition to providing accurate costs, PlanSwift HVAC estimating software also comes with easy-to-use estimating tools. You can import popular digital plans, including scanned images and AutoCAD files. And you can export your estimates to Excel or another estimating application. Simple material assemblies help you prepare accurate material lists, which is essential when estimating projects. So, why wait any longer? Get PlanSwift hvac estimating software today and start earning more money!