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What Is a Quantity Takeoff?

quantity takeoff

During the pre-construction phase of a project, an estimator will develop a quantity takeoff. This is a detailed measurement of the construction project, including materials and labor.


Using takeoff software can improve your construction estimating process. It also saves you time. Takeoff software also helps you to more effectively coordinate with subcontractors and contractors.

There are several takeoff software products on the market today. Some offer basic features while others offer a complete takeoff and estimating solution. You should choose a takeoff solution that suits your needs. Some takeoff solutions offer a free 14 day trial.

One of the most common features found in takeoff software is area measurement. This feature allows estimators to calculate material quantities based on location. Typically, this feature is indicated in the annotations on project plans.

Other features include optical character recognition technology, which allows users to search blueprints for text. Some takeoff software also offers the ability to create custom assemblies. These assemblies can help speed up takeoff for users working on projects with similar components.

Another common takeoff feature is the ability to create measurements. This feature allows estimators to calculate the length of a wall, a pipe, or other material. These measurements can be organized by color or layer. The advanced version also offers the ability to create measurements in multiple directions.

Most takeoff software products allow you to input different types of input sources. They also typically output a list of materials. These can be sent to estimating tools or bidding tools. You can also export these lists as a CSV file.

Takeoff software is not cheap, but it can pay off in time savings and increased deal flow. You should determine whether the tool is worth its cost before committing to it. You should also evaluate how much value it can add to your business.

PrebuiltML is a solid takeoff software product that offers reliability and world-class support. Its software is designed for builders, dealers, and framers. The PrebuiltML X3 version features more robust tracking and reporting tools. You can also get 10GB of free storage for up to 15 users.

Autodesk Takeoff

Designed to streamline the cost estimation process, Autodesk Quantity Takeoff is a software application that helps create accurate material quantities. It can be used for quick and easy cost calculations for building projects.

The software enables synchronization of design data, making it easy to generate more accurate material quantities. Autodesk Quantity Takeoff helps reduce duplication and improves collaboration between project team members. It also provides visual cross-referencing.

Quantity Takeoff supports area and volume measurements. Area measurements allow users to calculate the amount of material that will be needed for a project. This is indicated in annotations on the drawings. It also enables users to draw enclosed figures and generate quantities for each area. Similarly, volume measurements are indicated on the drawings in notes.

Using Autodesk Quantity Takeoff, you can perform area and volume measurements, calculate quantities, and generate reports in different designs. You can also publish results to the DWF format. There are several other features that will help you to create accurate quantities. You can use custom formulas to generate multiple quantities. You can also export the list of materials to Excel or other estimating tools.

The program has a formula checker to help you choose the right formulas. The program also includes a project catalog. It helps you organize your takeoff results in a project catalog. The list can be exported as a CSV file.

Autodesk Takeoff also enables you to upload drawings and models. You can then select the type of takeoff you want to perform. You can also choose the measurement system you want to use. You can also set up permissions and control the documents you upload. This is especially helpful in IPD projects.


Using a quantity takeoff service is an efficient way to get a clearer picture of what materials are needed for a project. These services can be accurate and provide a great value to construction managers and procurement managers.

Traditionally, contractors did quantity takeoffs by hand. However, advances in technology have made the process faster and more accurate. There are many different takeoff software solutions on the market. While some focus on just the calculating side of takeoff, others are complete 2-in-1 takeoff and estimating solutions.

The main purpose of a quantity takeoff is to provide an accurate estimate of the materials and supplies needed for a project. This information is also used in a supply order form and project proposal. It is important to understand the value of this data.

In addition to helping construction professionals calculate the cost of materials, quantity takeoff is also a valuable tool for hiring specialty subcontractors. By accurately estimating the materials needed, you can avoid wasting time on materials that will not be used.

A quantity takeoff is also important because it can help you estimate a project’s budget. For example, if you overestimate the price of a material, you could end up spending a lot of money to get it. This can lead to major delays in your construction project.

The best takeoff software uses advanced technology to generate realistic estimates. This helps you manage your projects efficiently. It also helps you submit offers before your competitors.

A quantity takeoff is a complex process that requires an understanding of estimating software, Excel, and data management. You need to have a lot of patience and attention to detail. It is also important to get the process started early in the project. A quantity takeoff that is done properly can help prevent delays in a project.

Square Takeoff

Using a takeoff tool can help you create a more accurate estimate. They’re often used to make trade-specific calculations, such as how much a certain material costs or how much area a certain project requires.

The software can also automate the process, making it simpler to submit accurate bids. Some providers are even able to integrate with other tools.

Square Takeoff is a cloud-based construction management software that allows businesses to estimate projects. Its features include a material database, estimating tools, and a calendar. It also provides a convenient way to create and share plans. Its software works equally well on Mac and Windows. It can be used from any device with a web browser.

Square Takeoff is one of the best estimating tools around, and it has plenty of other useful features, as well. It’s available for a free 14-day trial. It’s also fairly priced. In the first year, it costs $997 per user.

The software is designed to make taking measurements quick and easy. Its built-in estimating engine allows users to export measurements directly to Excel. Users can also add notes, share plans, and print them out. It’s also quite easy to customize, making it easy to create customized templates for various materials.

Square Takeoff also includes an integrated calendar, which makes it easy to create a schedule based on a project’s schedule. The tool also has convenient integrations with other tools, including Buildertrend project management software. It works well with Google Satellite images, and it has a solid interface.

Square Takeoff is a great tool for estimating projects and for creating more accurate bids. It’s also a fairly priced cloud-based solution. You can try it for free for a few days to see how it can benefit your business.


Using construction takeoff software is important for contractors working on complex projects. It helps them to make changes to designs, update materials, and perform other takeoff-related tasks. By automating the process, they save time. They can also adjust quantities and add additional materials as needed.

In addition to generating takeoff information, many construction takeoff software tools allow users to input custom pricing and material prices. This makes it easier to calculate costs according to the quantities of the items. They can also save a lot of time by not having to perform data entry.

Takeoff software is designed to automate the process of generating takeoff information. It helps to reduce the risks of errors and duplicate work. It can also help to eliminate the cumbersome process of bringing together data from multiple applications. It also helps to increase deal flow.

Takeoff software is typically installed on the computer, though some software is available as a cloud-based solution. It can be used in conjunction with other applications, such as Nomitech CostOS Cost Estimating software.

Some takeoff software tools offer advanced features, such as optical character recognition. These tools can search blueprints for text and help you to find callouts. You can also use these tools to calculate the primer volume of a painting job.

A number of takeoff tools allow users to identify linear components on plans, such as piping, wiring, and trim. They can also calculate the area of each plan. In addition, they can export a list of materials to an Excel file. Then, they can send the list to bidding tools or estimating software.

On Center Software has a free takeoff tool called PlanViewer. Its interface is clean and easy to use. You can annotate your documents with text and highlighters. The plan viewer can also operate on PDFs and DWF files.