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Free Mechanical Estimating Software

Free mechanical estimating software can streamline your bid preparation process by eliminating manual work. These programs are able to take plan symbols off a blueprint and translate them into a parts list. This can result in a more accurate data-driven estimate for materials and components.

eTakeoff Dimension allows contractors to view plans, measure lengths and calculate areas and volumes with ease. The program includes regional pricing for materials, products, and labor.

Autofitting generation

The autofitting generation tool helps estimate mechanical work with ease. It can automatically make and count fittings, which speeds up the estimating process. It also reduces the risk of error, and it improves the accuracy of estimates. This software can be used by contractors in a variety of industries, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. It is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Its features include digital takeoff, integrated pricing tools, and dynamic assemblies. It can also automate the importing of CAD files. It is easy to use and integrates with Viewpoint solutions.

PrioSoft estimating software is a robust and feature-rich software for residential and commercial construction. It can handle a variety of tasks, including project management, estimating, invoicing, and accounting. Its localized, accurate cost database helps contractors bid more competitively and win more jobs. It is also customizable and includes external interfaces for accounting systems. It has been trusted by more than 5,700 professionals in the construction industry.

The best way to estimate your work is by using a powerful, accurate, and affordable software package. One such program is ProEst, which is an all-in-one pre-construction management and estimating solution that offers new levels of process efficiency, information accuracy, and team collaboration. It also provides detailed, automated reports and a complete set of estimating tools.

Another estimating software that is designed specifically for contractors is TurboBid. Its founder, Bill Ruffner, created it after finding that no existing estimating software met his specific needs. It is a user-friendly software that can be used on any computer and includes online support, training, and an extensive knowledge base. It is an ideal tool for commercial and industrial sheet metal contractors. It can also be used to estimate HVAC and ductwork insulation, and it comes with a free trial period.

Value engineering

The concept of value engineering is a critical element in estimating mechanical work. It aims to develop alternative designs that are cost-effective and meet project requirements. Unlike budgeting, where the goal is to cut costs by eliminating functions, value engineering focuses on reducing total project costs by lowering capital, staffing and energy costs. During the process, the team brainstorms to identify potential design solutions that can deliver the necessary building functions. They also compare alternatives to determine which ones have more benefits than disadvantages.

While most estimating programs come with pre-built estimate templates, it is important to choose one that suits your company’s unique needs. Look for a software program that includes features such as labor unit databases, price list imports, and project comparison reports. These tools will help you save time and make your estimates more accurate. It is also crucial to consider how much the software will cost. Some programs require a single license fee, while others offer an annual subscription.

Many construction estimating software programs can generate different types of reports, from material and labor summaries to a breakdown by alternates or zones. If you want to see these reports in a specific format, it’s best to find out whether the program will give you that option. Some programs may even allow you to pay extra for customizations.

It is essential to look for a software that has excellent customer service. The software provider should be able to answer your questions in a timely manner and provide you with detailed solutions. A good construction software should also be able to handle problems quickly and effectively. Aside from evaluating customer service, it is also important to examine the features of the program and how well they fit your needs.

Pre-built assemblies

Whether you need to estimate the cost of a small plumbing project or a large construction project, the right estimating software can make the process quick and accurate. With advanced features like autofitting generation and value engineering, it can help you reduce the time it takes to create estimates. In addition, the software can save you money by detecting waste and providing recommendations for improvement. It can also automate the production of drawings and reports. The best estimating software can even sync with a price database for faster and more precise estimates.

Some of the most popular products on this list include Buildertrend, Sage Estimating and eTakeoff Dimension. The latter offers a modern interface and a robust collection of estimating features, including takeoff, design/submittal creation and material ordering. It can also be used to generate 3D BIM models and generate estimates from the model. It is also easy to customize and update. It can also be integrated with the RSMeans cost database, allowing you to compare pricing and labor standards across projects.

The program’s piping construction standard database includes different sizes of copper and carbon steel piping, from 2-1/2” to 4”. The system can use a variety of pipe joining methods, including soldered, brazed, welded, grooved, pressed or push fit joints. It can also use different materials in each system, including copper, cast iron and plastics.

The database can also be filtered by system and type, allowing you to quickly find the items you need. It can also be set up to show the most common items first, which will save you time by showing them at the top of your list. The software also provides tools for accelerating the taking off process. For example, the system can automatically calculate all of the elbows, tees and joints surrounding an item on a pipe or duct section.

Mobile applications

When it comes to estimating mechanical work, you need a fast and accurate way to calculate your costs. Instead of wasting time with spreadsheets and calculators, try using an estimating software that is optimized for mechanical contractors and includes an up-to-date database of parts and labor costs. It will also enable you to compare your bids to your competition and make changes in a timely manner.

Many estimating programs offer pre-built estimate templates, which can save you valuable time when creating estimates. The software can be customized to meet your company’s needs and includes a variety of features, such as automatic pricing updates and project cost management. It can also help you identify potential risks and avoid overestimating material quantities.

Ideally, the estimating software should have the ability to integrate with BIM tools and automatically pass detailed takeoff data into the system. This feature is particularly useful for commercial projects, as it will save significant time on the estimating process. It’s also important to evaluate the types of reports that are available with the program. Some companies offer reports specific to estimating mechanical work, while others provide generic construction-related reports.

Another useful feature is the ability to store assemblies and item details for future use. This can be a huge time saver, as it will prevent you from having to take off each appearance of an assembly in a plan every single time. For example, if you frequently do drywall and fireproofing projects, you can save this information as an assembly. This will speed up the estimating process and reduce error.

There are also a number of estimating-specific apps that can help you perform calculations and convert units in the field. For instance, Mechanics Basics offers a collection of laws, equations, tables, and reference materials for everything from American standard beams to wire rope slings.


A mechanical estimating software program can save you time and money by making the estimating process more efficient. The program can also help you to avoid errors and improve your accuracy. However, you should make sure that you choose a software product with a high rating and a great customer support team. You should also consider the pricing of the software. The cost of software can vary significantly, and it is usually based on how many estimators you need to use the system.

Some software programs have a one-time license fee, while others have a standard subscription tier and are charged on a monthly basis. In addition, some of the more advanced software programs can be used by multiple users at once and have a more comprehensive collection of features. Some programs also allow contractors to create custom templates.

Construction estimating software can also calculate unit labor values using a database of industry standard labor units published by the MCAA, PHCC, and SMACNA. The software can update these values across multiple items in an estimate document, making the estimating process much faster and more accurate.

The best construction estimating software for mechanical work includes assembly-based takeoff, which allows you to take off all the required pipe, valves and fittings surrounding an equipment connection, without having to count each individual fitting. The software can also retain all of these details for future jobs, making it easier to re-use existing assemblies.

Other features of this estimating software include a built-in pipe library, automatic plan symbol counts, and an RFQ feature that lets you easily create an RFP with a single click. The software can also automatically calculate labor, overhead and waste costs to help you finalize your bid proposal. It can even add negotiated rates and discounts, such as discounts for recurring customers or special equipment. This makes it easy to compare estimates and identify potential problems.