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Construction Estimating Software Free

Accurate estimates are critical for construction businesses to win new projects. Using an estimating tool eliminates spreadsheet errors and helps contractors design professional proposals. Many tools also provide bid management features to optimize the proposal process.

One such software product is Clear Estimates. It provides accurate construction estimating and is available at a reasonable cost. It also integrates with Builder Trend and Quickbooks to streamline business processes.


Takeoff software helps contractors save time and money by automatically extracting material count and estimate information from digital blueprints. eTakeoffDimension also provides useful labor calculators and cost estimates that help contractors determine what materials, equipment, and personnel will be needed for a given project. eTakeoffDimension is available in both desktop and cloud-based versions, allowing users to access their takeoff data from any location.

A comprehensive set of features makes eTakeoffDimension one of the best free construction estimating software programs on the market. This includes an easy-to-use interface, powerful measurement tools, and an Excel integration program. The software also comes with built-in templates to guide users through the estimating process. It also offers the ability to link measurements directly to the spreadsheet, ensuring that the estimate will always be up-to-date.

The eTakeoffDimension team strives to create the best possible product and is constantly updating it to meet the needs of its customers. Its open communication and feedback process allow it to continually improve its products and develop new features to help users be more productive. eTakeoffDimension has also implemented a variety of security measures to protect its customer’s sensitive data. The software is fully encrypted, and all information is stored on servers that are located in the United States.

Unlike many free estimator programs, eTakeoffDimension does not limit the number of users that can use the software. It also has a full training video library and support center. This way, users can get up and running quickly. The eTakeoffDimension training videos cover everything from basic usage to completing a simple measurement.

In addition to a full library of instructional videos, eTakeoffDimension also has a free trial version that is available for download on its website. The eTakeoffDimension trial lets users test the software to see if it meets their needs before purchasing a subscription. The software offers a full set of tools, including a 3D floor plan builder, a client portal, and collaboration tools.

The eTakeoffDimension software is designed to be easy for general contractors to use and has numerous features that make it stand out from other competitors. It has a patented symbol search for auto counting, innovative work breakdown capabilities, and cutting edge database technology. It can also import CAD, PDF, and image files. It also has a variety of measurement tools, including straight lengths and area calculations. It also has a complete report writer that can be used to prepare a bill of materials or cost abstract.

eTakeoff Dimension has an optional paid program called Bridge that allows it to integrate seamlessly with Sage Estimating. The program can transfer all of the takeoff measurements into Sage Estimating, making the entire estimating process less complicated. The software is also integrated with 3-D BIM tools and can create 2-D takeoffs from models.

BidScreen XL

Whether you’re looking to automate your construction estimating process or want to improve the accuracy of your estimates, there is a wide variety of software programmes that can help. From basic Excel add-ons to sophisticated multi-user systems, there are options for any size company and budget.

BidScreen XL is an Excel add-in that lets you takeoff electronic plans directly in Microsoft Excel. The programme is designed to save time, provide an excellent audit trail and reduce costs. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to learn. It also provides the ability to apply colors, count symbols and line styles to your takeoff drawings. It can also save measurements and color-coded drawings directly to an Excel workbook or a PDF file.

Ingeniously efficient and simple to use, BidScreen XL is the best construction estimating software available. The program allows users to perform quantity takeoff and estimating in one straightforward Microsoft Excel program. It can also be used to prepare tenders, a cost abstract and purchase orders. It can even maintain multiple costing standards.

The software includes pre-designed templates that can be used to create an estimate quickly and accurately. These templates can be edited and saved as new custom forms, allowing users to customize their estimates according to their needs. The software can also be used to create a database of material costs and equipment charges. It can be used by contractors, architects and engineers to generate cost estimates for their projects.

Construction estimating software helps builders calculate the total amount of labor, materials and other resources needed to complete construction projects. These calculations are crucial to the success of a project and can make or break a profit. It can also be used to track costs and compare pricing with competing companies.

It can also help builders identify potential problems that may affect the cost of a project. This can be helpful in identifying issues that will require additional planning and time before they are implemented. This will allow contractors to make changes that will result in a better estimate.

A construction estimating software free trial can help you test out the software before you invest in it. You can download a demo version of the software online or from a CD that comes with the software. The software will give you an idea of how it works, and if it is right for your business.

A construction estimating software will automatically calculate items such as square footage, number of gallons of paint, drywall quantities and other items that need to be included in the cost of a project. For example, if a contractor is estimating the cost of painting an office building, it will automatically calculate the square footage and number of walls to be painted, as well as the gallons of each color paint that will be required.


ClearEstimates is a construction estimating software that helps remodelers and contractors make professional proposals in minutes instead of hours. The program combines cost estimation with project management and customer database. It also provides a number of customizable templates that allow users to tailor the estimate to their business needs. The software also provides localized material and labor costs for regional comparisons. This helps users save time and money, and increases the accuracy of their estimates.

This program is designed to be used on Mac, iPad, and Windows computers. It also supports multiple users. It offers a free 30-day trial period, after which users can decide to continue using the software or cancel it. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and allows users to customize templates to their specific needs.

The program is a cloud-based platform, so it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. It also supports Microsoft Excel integration and has an export to QuickBooks feature. It is a great tool for homebuilders, design/build firms, remodeling contractors, roofing and siding contractors, and interior finishers. It can also be customized for commercial work, including tenant improvements and building envelope projects.

Developed by an estimator, SharpeSoft Estimator is an easy-to-use program that simplifies the estimating process. It features a user-friendly interface and is compatible with most Windows operating systems. It has been rated highly by customers and is used by many civil, utility and heavy/highway contractors, grading and excavation, pipeline and asphalt paving companies.

Its intuitive UI makes it easy for non-technical employees to learn quickly. It is also designed to be scalable and can handle multiple jobs at the same time. Its centralized database and file storage enable users to easily manage large estimates. It also helps contractors streamline the estimating process and win more jobs.

Choosing the right construction estimating software can be a daunting task, but it is important to do your research carefully before making a decision. This will help you weed out software products that don’t meet your requirements, and save you time and money. Start by shortlisting the various functions that are critical for your business, and then conduct thorough product analyses to ensure that you’re not paying for a product that doesn’t meet your specific needs.