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Sage 50cloud Bill of Materials and Inventory Management

Sage 50cloud is a robust accounting solution for small to medium businesses. It offers features like bill of materials for manufacturing and inventory management.

It has powerful features to manage the production control, works order processing and resource management of busy manufacturing environments. However, it has several limitations:

BOM Manager

A BOM is a structured list of the materials, components and assemblies required to build a product. It also includes instructions for procuring and using these materials. In addition to ensuring that the correct parts and components are available, a BOM can help to minimize production delays and waste.

The BOM Manager at sage 50cloud bills of materials allows users to create and maintain BOM structures that support the manufacturing process. The system can be used to track the status of components and assembly lines, and it provides visibility into the inventory levels of all involved items. Users can also use the system to view and report on BOM costs.

Sage 50’s bill of materials feature is designed to support the assembly of products that don’t require a large variety of features and options. It can be used to calculate component requirements, track material usage and forecast future inventory needs. Users can also save between 25-50% in inventory carrying costs like insurance and floor space by ensuring they order what they need when they need it.

MISys offers comprehensive Sage 50 cloud accounting and Manufacturing software that enables businesses to automate workflow and reduce operating expenses. The solution supports engineering to order (ETO) processes and can be seamlessly integrated with leading 3D CAD packages including SolidWorks, AutoDesk Inventor and PTC Creo. It helps businesses close new business more quickly, create estimates more accurately and automatically cascade to a total at the project level.

BOM Importer

A bill of materials (BOM) is a complete inventory of all the raw materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies and components required to manufacture a product or product assembly. It includes the quantities of each component and assembly required to make a finished good and can also include instructions on how the parts and components should be procured and used in order to achieve the desired end result. BOMs are sometimes referred to as production recipes or work-order assembly processes. They help minimize the risk of inventory inaccuracies that can lead to incorrect production costs, shortages and/or overages of materials and components and production delays.

Managing BOMs can be complex, especially when they consist of many different levels or sub-components. Each level is represented by a stock code and each component may be comprised of multiple different stock codes. In addition, it’s common for a BOM to have notes that can be used by anyone referring to the document.

Sage 50cloud doesn’t have a full bill of materials functionality but Advantage Services has created some add-ons that provide some of the extra functionality you’d expect, including easy browsing by component and calculating current pricing. We offer a free demo of these add-ons so please get in touch to find out more.

BOM Reports

The BOM is used by the manufacturing industry to ensure all parts and components required for a manufactured, shippable product are available in sufficient quantities. In addition to reducing production delays, it also helps manufacturers stay within budget and deliver on time. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can result in over- or under-estimating costs, insufficient inventory levels to meet production demands and the risk of costly mistakes.

BOMs can be simple, with each assembly or sub-assembly needed for a particular product shown once and the quantity required shown next to each item. However, this approach is limiting and unsuitable for complex products.

If a BOM is not updated during production, it will be difficult to determine the correct amount of stock needed. This can lead to re-orders being placed on incorrect items, which can increase costs and reduce supply chain resiliency.

A BOM can also help organizations streamline their supply chains by identifying potential problems early and taking measures to resolve them. For example, a BOM can highlight insufficient stock or poor supplier quality, which could cause production to stop and delay delivery.

Using a solution such as PaperLess allows you to manage the flow of documents into and out of Sage 50cloud (including the likes of item cards, purchase orders, work tickets, invoices and receipts). This can free up your time so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

BOM Export

Sage 50cloud is an accounting package that can do everything from managing inventory to creating reports. Its features include a robust set of accounting tools, including an online payroll and expense reporting system. Its pricing packages are affordable for smaller businesses. All Sage 50cloud users have access to phone support and a dedicated customer success representative.

The Sage 50cloud bill of materials feature lets you view all of the parts that will make up an assembly or sub-assembly. You can also use this tool to identify the cost of each item in an assembly or sub-assembly, as well as the total cost for the entire product. This feature can help you streamline production by ensuring that your products meet budgetary requirements.

BOMs allow you to keep a record of the individual components, labour, machinery and operations that comprise your manufacturing process. These records can help you to track costs, maintain efficiency and ensure that third-party contract manufacturers are following your specifications.

Sage 50cloud allows you to export your BOMs as Excel spreadsheets, CSV files or PDF documents. You can choose to export a single level or a multi-level BOM and select which fields you want to appear in the exported file. Once you have chosen a format, you can complete the BOM Export dialog and save the file.