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What Does an Estimating Manager Do?

An estimating manager works in the construction industry. Their job is to prepare estimates that are used by management to make important decisions about the company’s projects and materials.

Strategically manage estimating department in support of corporate sales goals and profitability mandates. Develop and nurture existing and potential clients by preparing quotes, resolving concerns/complaints and providing technical support.

Developing Estimates

An estimating manager is responsible for preparing project estimates with a focus on accuracy. They use various methods to determine how much a project will cost, including time, materials, and labor. They also use their problem-solving skills to address challenges that may arise during the estimating process.

As an estimating manager, you will need to be familiar with a variety of technical and engineering processes. This includes the ability to read and interpret blueprints, plans, specifications, and other project related documents. Additionally, you will be responsible for liaising with various departments, including engineering, project management, and production, to gather the necessary information to prepare detailed estimates.

In addition to developing accurate project estimates, you will also be responsible for determining the cost effectiveness of products, projects, and services. You will consult with engineers, architects, vendors, and contractors on costs and changes to project specifications. You will also perform field operational exposure through onsite project support, as needed.

In order to create a project estimate, you will need to know your team, deliverables, tasks, and process like the back of your hand. You will also need to be comfortable asking questions when you don’t understand something. Finally, you will need to be able to overcome scope creep to create a realistic project estimate.

Managing Projects

An estimating manager oversees the day-to-day activities of a construction estimating department. Their responsibilities are to implement technical estimating procedures and standards while supervising the work of senior and junior estimators. They are also responsible for preparing and reviewing bid quantities, items and costs. They analyze quotations from subcontractors and suppliers and make a recommendation to the project teams.

They may also prepare estimates for both hard-bid and design-build projects. They rely on their experience and knowledge of pricing to determine unit prices and estimate project cost, scope and schedule. They assess subcontractor and supplier bids to ensure competitiveness while maintaining a company profit margin.

Developing accurate estimates is crucial for any business. It helps managers keep projects on time and budget, and it lets stakeholders know what to expect from a project in terms of time, cost and resources. It can be difficult to come up with a precise timeline for a project, but it is possible to get an idea of how long a project will take by comparing it to one that has been completed in the past.

An estimating manager is an integral member of any construction team and requires several years of experience to become one. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or construction management, and they must possess exceptional math skills and the ability to manage a team.

Developing Technical Skills

An estimating manager uses problem-solving skills to find solutions for challenges that arise during the estimating process. They also use negotiation skills to work with clients and suppliers to get the best price on materials for their projects. In this role, they need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of construction.

As a leader of the estimating department, they need to ensure their team members are trained and developing their skills. This includes reviewing and updating procedures to align with department and corporate goals. They also lead staff development by conducting performance reviews and developing employee recognition plans.

They must be able to prepare full-cycle takeoffs for large projects with complex scopes of work. This requires detailed labor, material and subcontractor pricing. They must also be able to compare various bids from subcontractors and suppliers to determine which ones are acceptable.

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The estimating manager is a leader in the department, and they need to be able to train their staff members in new estimating software or tools. They also need to be able to evaluate the skill level of their staff and provide training when needed.

Managing People

A seasoned construction professional, an estimating manager makes sure that all the members of his or her department complete their work accurately and within schedule. He or she also handles administrative responsibilities, such as handling paperwork during the request for proposal (RFP) process. Typically, he or she has several years of experience as a project estimator before being promoted to this managerial position.

To be successful in this role, estimating managers must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills. They must also be able to communicate effectively with project team members and clients.

They must also be able to negotiate labor contracts and equipment procurements to get the best deal possible for their company. Additionally, they must be able to manage time well so that all bids can be prepared and submitted by their deadline.

A career as an estimating manager can be a lucrative one. There are a number of ways that he or she can increase his or her pay, including becoming more proficient in specialized estimating techniques and by acquiring additional qualifications. These include obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or construction management, or earning on-the-job training. Other options for increasing a construction estimating manager’s salary include finding a job at another company that offers higher pay or earning a promotion to senior estimating.