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Bill of Materials Software for Small Business

A bill of materials is a list of all the raw materials, component parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies that go into a finished product. This information is used to calculate costs and to make decisions about purchasing and manufacturing operations.

A good BOM management system is crucial to a successful business. There are several options for this software, including Arena QMS, Verenia CPQ and Job Element Monitor.

Arena QMS

Drive product development with connected quality

Working with dispersed teams and supply chain partners requires a collaborative approach to managing product data. Arena’s BOM management solution provides a central repository to store, control and share bills of materials (BOM) across multiple departments and locations. It also features automated approval workflows to speed up the review and release process for all stakeholders involved.

The system also allows for cost estimation and provides a robust version control capability, ensuring that bills of materials are consistently updated over time. It helps reduce errors associated with information entry and manual processes.

eFlex is a simple but powerful software tool that can help manufacturers reduce production errors by linking digital work instructions to bill of materials. It can also help them manage production schedules to ensure that products are delivered on time.

Verenia CPQ

Verenia CPQ empowers salespeople to improve their sales processes and boost revenue. It reduces the errors that can occur when manually configuring and quoting complex products, such as pricing mistakes or miscommunication. It also allows sales teams to create dynamic custom Bills of Material and Routings.

Designed and built specifically for manufacturers, Verenia CPQ simplifies the configuration, pricing, quoting and ordering process. This allows businesses to produce accurate, error-free quotes and orders in minutes or seconds. It also offers a range of features, including 3D product visualization, CRM and ERP integration, and customer self-service.

This product offers a variety of benefits and is an excellent choice for subscription-based business models, especially software companies that sell microservices. Its Amazon-like interface is easy to use and can be customized easily without extensive training.

Job Element Monitor

Using BOM software helps reduce time spent on tasks such as information research, data entry, and manual bill of materials document generation. This can help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.

BOM software can also automate workflows to ensure that bills of materials are approved by multiple stakeholders within an organization. This can save time and effort by eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication between various teams.

Qotbild by Solenoid is a clever CPQ software solution that provides powerful support for quoting based upon complex product families, pricing bands and dimensions. This cloud-based solution can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. It eliminates the need for expensive manual calculations and increases sales productivity. It also reduces build times and stock levels.


eFlex is a bill of materials software that can be scaled to the size of your business. You can start with a basic version of the system and expand as your business grows. It offers a full suite of manufacturing planning capabilities, including job costing and production scheduling. It also includes a supplier relationship management (SRM) component that streamlines communications and activities between manufacturers and suppliers.

BOM software helps businesses understand the true costs of various components and reduces production time. It also allows organizations to track inventory levels and order replacement parts quickly. It can also identify any issues that may affect production processes. BOM software is critical for effective and efficient product design, planning, estimating, and costing. It also enables businesses to maintain quality and safety standards.

ICE Visual Configuration

The ICE Visual Configuration solution links underlying rules, designs and objects directly to a graphically interactive user interface. Every selection or move by the application developer modifies the models and designs that make up the entire project, allowing them to be changed based on engineering rules that are embodied in the design.

BOM software solutions can also accurately calculate estimated costs for components within a given assembly, helping manufacturers understand the cost of production and plan accordingly. This information can also help companies identify potential issues with their manufacturing processes and make adjustments accordingly.

Moreover, some BOM solutions include automated approval workflows that ensure bills of materials pass through multiple review and acceptance stages before being finalized. This reduces back-and-forth communication between team members and saves time.

ICE Visual Storytelling

From caveman drawings to silent movies, visual storytelling has been a powerful tool for communicating for centuries. But the internet has introduced a new set of tools and techniques for telling stories in the digital age.

A manufacturing bill of materials, or BOM, displays the raw materials and sub-assemblies that are needed to produce a finished product. A configurable bill of materials, on the other hand, is used in industries with multiple options and highly variable products.

A quality BOM software can reduce the costs associated with purchasing raw materials and improve production efficiency. It can also help establish safety stock and reorder points. The best BOM software also allows users to manage revision history and track supplier prices. It can also handle complex assembly structures and multi-part manufacturing.

ICE Virtual Reality

The new ICE Virtual Reality app makes it easier to collaborate in design and construction. It lets designers use voice connectivity and advanced tools to communicate seamlessly. It also enables them to visualize changes without the need for costly physical mock-ups. This helps to give clients confidence in their designs and reduces the need for change-orders during construction.

A bill of materials (BOM) software system automates the process of grabbing information from engineering drawings, part number lists, and spreadsheets. It also allows employees at different locations to access the same data in real-time. This is helpful for companies that manufacture multiple products in different plants.

A BOM processing module is a key component of COSS ERP software. It tracks all commitments and assembly of raw materials, sub-assemblies, and finished goods to help with material requirements planning.