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Electrical Estimating Software Prices

Electrical estimating software equips commercial and residential electricians to create more reliable estimates, track project profitability, and make faster changes to job bids. It also helps protect budgets and manage risks to productivity, inventory, and change orders.

A good electrical estimating program has a large database of parts and assemblies. The database includes a wide variety of items, including labor units and pre-built assemblies. It can also import pricing from significant services like EPIC, NetPricer, and Tra-Ser.


Electrical estimating software helps save time and money by eliminating the need for manual calculating. It also eliminates mistakes by reducing the number of revisions needed. This software also helps reduce the number of labor hours required to complete a project. This results in lower labor costs and greater profit margins.

The cost of electrical estimating software can vary depending on the size of your business and the functionality you need. For example, if you only need to use this software for basic bidding purposes, then you can buy a simple version for a low price. However, if you want to use the software for complex estimating projects or bids, you may need to invest in more advanced versions.

Some electrical estimating software programs include a searchable parts database that can be used to quickly find detailed product information. These databases typically include a wide variety of items, including part numbers, UPCs, and descriptions. Additionally, the software allows users to compare prices from multiple vendors to help them save on material costs.

Electric estimating software can help businesses of all sizes save time, increase accuracy, and improve profitability. These benefits can ultimately lead to higher average ticket sales and more loyal customers. The software can also be used to manage projects and ensure that all work is performed according to regulations.


Choosing the right electrical estimating software can help you save time and money on your project. It can also help you avoid mistakes that could lead to lost opportunities or even costly delays. In addition to this, it can help you develop a consistent estimate process that will improve productivity and overall accuracy.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a large construction firm, there are electrical estimating programs to suit your needs. These programs include features that make it easier to collaborate with other team members and clients. They can also help you increase your customer relationships and boost profit margins.

Some electrical estimating software programs can also be used as design tools, making it easier to draw wiring jobs. These programs can also help you identify potential problems with the job before it’s started onsite or in the office.

In addition, electrical estimating software can reveal cost savings through identification of strategies like alternative material sourcing and subcontracting labor units. It can also increase efficiency by reducing material waste and supply-house runs.

The best electrical estimating software should be flexible and customizable to the materials used by your company. For example, if you use conduit hangers and wire connectors in your work, look for an electrical estimating program that allows you to replace generic items with specific materials. This will help you increase your profit by avoiding over/underbuying and reducing the number of supply-house runs.


If you are considering buying electrical estimating software, be sure to carefully evaluate the different options. You should also consider the size of your business and any additional features that you may want. Choosing a software that is not designed to meet your specific needs can cost you in the long run. Moreover, it is important to consider the training that will be required for your team.

The best electrical estimating programs provide a large database of items that can be matched to local distributor prices to produce accurate bids. These programs will also allow you to create pre-built assemblies to speed up estimating. These are a collection of items, such as conduit, box, straps, and receptacles, that can be used in an estimate together.

Many electrical estimating systems also include labor units to manage labor costs more effectively. This allows businesses to avoid over- or underestimating labor costs and maximize profitability. In addition, the software provides a way to track projects and their associated estimates, helping businesses stay on schedule and control costs.

Electrical estimating software provides benefits for both small and large commercial contractors. It can help them improve accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce the time needed to prepare estimates. It can also improve the safety of employees by ensuring that wiring circuits are properly sized. Lastly, the software can save money by reducing the need for supervisor inspections and reducing supply-house runs.


Choosing the best electrical estimating software for your company requires careful consideration. You need to consider the level of complexity and tools that you require, as well as the cost. The best option is a comprehensive system that will help you create precise estimates quickly and accurately. This will allow you to compete effectively in the marketplace and improve your business outcomes.

Some companies offer a subscription model for their software, allowing you to use it for as long as you want. This type of software is often less expensive than traditional estimating systems and offers the advantage of real-time material price updates. However, this may not be the right option for your company if you use it extensively.

The best electrical estimating software will include formulas that enable you to calculate key electrical equations, including voltage drop, power factor, fault current, and wireway counts. It should also provide a labor unit database that contains verified industry information about how much time it takes to complete specific tasks, such as installing a certain type of conduit or pulling a specified amount of 12 AWG wire.

You should also choose a system that provides provisions for using either union or non-union labor rates. This will help you create accurate and competitive bids, especially for specialized projects. The software will also allow you to use National Electrical Code tables to calculate the amount of time required for an installation. It will also provide you with detailed material lists to ensure that you have the correct quantities of each component.