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How Bill of Quantities Software Can Make the Process Faster and More Accurate

Preparing a bill of quantities is an important step for construction projects. These documents allow project owners to compare contractor proposals quickly and easily.

A BoQ can also be used to draft payment applications as work progresses. When preparing a BoQ, it is important to use a software program that follows a standardized method of measurement. This will ensure consistency and reduce disputes over pricing.

Getting Started

Preparing a bill of quantities is an important part of a construction project. It allows you to determine the amount of materials, labour and services needed for a project and makes it easier to compare bids. However, preparing a bill of quantities can be time-consuming and complex. Using building construction software can make the process faster and more accurate.

The software can help you prepare a detailed, itemized bill of quantities with standard formatting. This ensures that all contractors are quoting prices according to the same methods, helping avoid disputes. It also saves time and money by allowing you to calculate unit prices quickly and accurately. This means you can produce quotes more quickly, and you can make changes to your estimates as the project progresses.

A detailed, itemized bill of quantities can also help you win contracts and estimate costs for future projects. It can provide a framework for negotiations and improve coordination between different stakeholders in a project. It can also help reduce misunderstandings and costly rework by ensuring that all information is clear and accessible.

Getting the details right in a Bill of Quantities is key to successful projects. Using taking off and estimating software can help you prepare a comprehensive, accurate BoQ, which will allow you to submit competitive bids. It can also reduce unwanted rework and increase the likelihood of a positive project outcome for your business.

Organizing Your Data

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a comprehensive estimate of materials required for a project. It is typically prepared by a cost consultant or quantity surveyor and sets out measured quantities of items of work identified by drawings and specifications within tender documentation.

A BOQ can be broken down into several levels of breakdown, allowing different work sections to be grouped together. This makes it easier to create documents that focus on a specific part of the project and also supports the calculation and agreement of variation during construction.

Traditionally, a BOQ has taken the form of a spreadsheet listing each item with its description, quantity and unit of measurement. These spreadsheets have been difficult to price using estimating software programs, especially when containing ‘banded’ items such as “RCC slab” or “CUM”.

Benchmark Estimating Software has made the process of pricing BOQs with banded items much more efficient with our new ‘Banded Items’ solution. The feature automatically interprets the BOQ’s breakdown structure and sets it up for importing into Benchmark. This saves time and effort, as well as reducing the likelihood of errors and omissions when entering your final Submission Rates. It’s the first step in our plan to use Artificial Intelligence to make our estimating software even smarter to help you work faster. Learn more about the new feature here.

Creating Totals

Preparing a BoQ is a specialist task, usually completed by professional quantity surveyors or cost consultants. However, using building construction software can make this process much faster and more accurate, reducing the risk of errors. Once the quantities are prepared, they can be used as a basis for tendering and contract negotiations.

Creating the totals within a bill of quantities requires a careful review of the drawings and specifications. This is done by preparing a list of materials required, along with their descriptions and unit of measurement. Often, there will also be a section detailing the amount of work required to complete the build. Once the items have been taken off, they can be grouped into categories and assigned prices. This can help to reduce confusion between the types of work being undertaken, and ensure that all items are priced appropriately.

A BoQ is a vital tool for any construction project, and one that can be easily created with the right software. It provides a clear breakdown of costs, making it easier for contractors to compare quotes and assess project affordability.

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Creating Payment Applications

Preparing a bill of quantities requires attention to detail. A well-prepared BoQ can save construction companies a lot of time during the project, by improving accuracy in tendering and ensuring transparency for all parties. It can also help manage project costs, facilitating smooth project execution.

While preparing a BoQ, it is essential to use a program that follows standardized methodologies. This will ensure consistency and reduce the risk of disputes over pricing. Using software can also help to format and organise categories within the BoQ, making it easier for contractors to group tasks that still need to be completed.

Using software programs to prepare a BoQ can also save time by allowing contractors to import data from existing files and create a streamlined workflow. These tools typically feature a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, reducing the amount of manual input required to create each item. Moreover, they can be used to automatically generate a schedule of values and create payment applications.

If you are looking for a fully integrated CAD and estimating software program that can help with the preparation of a bill of quantities, try our low cost subscription-based BuildingWorks construction estimating software. It provides detailed 3D Photo-realistic rendering, regularly updated estimating rates, a full BOM and project cost breakdown and much more.