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Best Mechanical Estimating Software

Accurate estimating is the foundation of profit for any mechanical contractor. These best mechanical estimating software solutions make the process fast and easy so contractors can submit their bids first and win more work.

Save time with on-screen plan takeoff and a powerful assembly library. Count multiple occurrences of symbols like dampers, registers and air handlers in one go with pattern search tools.

1. Field Promax

Field Promax is a smart, cloud-based field service management software that automates and streamlines all business processes from start to finish. The app enables you to create estimates, dispatch them to the right technicians, share proof of work with customers and track payments, all on one platform.

The solution offers a robust set of features that can improve your operations in the long run, including customer service, scalability and productivity. Moreover, it supports various mobile devices for easy access and convenience. Additionally, the solution provides signature support forms that can be used to secure documents and receive on-field approvals. It also integrates with QuickBooks so you can sync financial information between your desktop and the app.

The solution allows you to monitor and control your workforce in real-time, thanks to a live, comprehensive dashboard. It also enables you to create work orders, convert service requests and manage them on a single platform. You can also track the location and movement of your technician teams using a GPS feature, and provide them with the right resources and materials on time. You can also customize your estimate templates for more efficiency and create invoices to give a professional look to your customer statements. You can even add items to multiple quotes at once and use them for future reference.

2. QuoteSoft

The solution helps commercial and industrial contractors prepare bids and run estimates, from HVAC to ductwork and plumbing. It also offers a pre-build customizable material database to add labor tables and a TakeSoft Mobile Takeoff feature that allows filed users to submit additional lists of pipes, ductwork, and accessories via a mobile device without having to use faxes or other error-prone methods.

The company develops estimating software solutions for mechanical, piping, HVAC, and sheet metal contractors. The platform is based on a powerful, flexible estimating database that supports all kinds of estimating tasks from simple linear foot and ton calculations to complex pipe layouts and HVAC modeling. Unlike some other systems, the system is a single-user application that can be deployed on a single desktop computer or server-based system.

As a part of the ConstructConnect family, QuoteSoft provides preconstruction project data and built construction solutions that help trade contractors win more jobs. Its flagship products include the FastPIPE and FastDUCT digital estimating solutions as well as HVAC-Duct PDF Takeoff Software. The solution relies on LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to reliably load, save, view, and annotate large blueprint files stored as PDF and TIFF formats. With this robust annotation feature, the team at QuoteSoft can easily assign labor and materials values to any line item within a drawing. It also enables them to create an accurate project estimate and bid with confidence.

3. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a software program that serves as an all-in-one solution to manage the business operations of home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. It features estimating, scheduling, change order features, client communication and document management tools for streamlining the project planning process. It also offers training and customer support to maximize its capabilities.

Buildertrend allows users to create or import estimates using an estimate template, and then track job costs throughout the duration of a project. They can also use purchase orders to account for unexpected costs with specific subcontractors, vendors or suppliers. Additionally, clients can make product and design selections through the program, while hourly field team members can clock in and out on site with geofencing technology.

Other features include the ability to share documents and photos, as well as daily logs with clients and team members. The software can also automatically record weather changes and notify the team to update materials based on the conditions. Users can also store files in job-specific folders and create subportals for their subcontractors, trades and vendors to access the program. Moreover, the program can be integrated with accounting solutions such as Xero and QuickBooks, along with dedicated takeoff and estimating tools.


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