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Mechanical Takeoff Software For Contractors

Mechanical takeoff software offers a variety of features to help contractors streamline their workflow. For example, a robust cost database can boost productivity by enabling result-driven budgeting. It also supports predictive planning, which helps steer projects away from financial pitfalls.

It can save time by generating 2D and 3D quantities from a single solution. It also helps you create competitive bids by ensuring accurate estimating.

eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff Dimension is an electronic quantity takeoff product distributed by Sage that significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods. It offers estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search. It also provides a seamless transition from takeoff to estimating with Sage Estimating Bridge.

The software is designed for estimators of all trades who use a variety of construction disciplines. Its user-friendly interface is similar to that of Microsoft Excel and can be adapted to users’ unique workflows. The company provides a comprehensive online training guide that explains how to work with the program and its most important features.

Most takeoff tools allow estimators to count items on digitized plans, but eTakeoff Dimension also has advanced linear measurement functionality. The program can identify linear components such as piping, wires, and trim, as well as calculate their lengths. It can also measure areas with varying elevations and calculate slopes.

eTakeoff Dimension also has unique features that help save time while working with drawings. For example, it can automatically detect the dimensions of traces on a drawing and display them in an easy-to-read grid. It can also create a legend for each drawing that displays the trace description, unit of measurement, and all measurement details. It also supports importing and formatting standard bid codes.


This software is designed for general contractors and specialty trades. It streamlines estimations and increases precision in takeoff measurements. It also facilitates detailed reporting and sharing of takeoff data. The software can be used in all project sizes. Its visual point-and-click interface makes it easy to use and understand.

It can also be used to calculate material and labor costs. For example, if you’re taking off concrete, you can simply click on the slab dimensions and automatically calculate all of the materials and labor necessary to build that section. It also provides the ability to adjust cost projections and recalculate prices in seconds.

You can also create a custom assembly of items that you can drag and drop onto your takeoff list. This can be anything from a track, stud, and board to drywall. It can even include the corresponding materials, waste, and labor costs. The software also provides a variety of navigation buttons to help you navigate your plans more efficiently.

PlanSwift features 11 tabs that are organized into categories to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. The home tab is a central hub for all takeoff, measurement, and estimating functions. Each of the other tabs has its own specific set of tools and functionality. It also features advanced settings and a search tool that allows you to filter your results by category.


PrebuiltML takes off software is a powerful and robust tool that helps construction professionals increase deal capacity through increased efficiency. Its flexibility also makes it easy to learn and use. While the price tag may seem high, it’s important to consider the cost in terms of the time savings that you can gain through increased accuracy and efficiency.

The software supports multiple file formats and sources of input, including PDF, CAD, and digital photos. It includes features like plan text search, which allows users to search blueprints for specific words or phrases. Using this feature can save significant amounts of time when performing takeoffs.

Several versions of the product are available, ranging from $950 to $1,895. The most advanced version offers more customization options and improved pattern recognition technology. It also includes more advanced export styles for material estimates, allowing users to customize their list layouts.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the ability to import data from other tools. Many companies have dedicated project management, bidding, or estimating software that they use, so it’s important to look for takeoff programs that integrate well with these products. This can make it easier for users to manage a single interface and keep data consistent across platforms. Moreover, look for takeoff tools that support the file formats used by these other systems.

On Center

The leading takeoff software for construction, On Center (OST) improves your bid-to-win ratio with easy-to-use tools. Automate quantity takeoff for area, linear, and counts and streamline project setup with powerful estimating features like Typical Areas and Typical Pages. OST also eliminates costly rework on Bid Day by processing last-minute plan addendums and revisions to eliminate future warranty claims. Streamline plan review by using the overlay feature to visually compare two versions of the same drawing. Identify differences with red or blue lines and clear notes to save time and money. Click for more information on OST’s features and functionality.

*The minimum system requirements support basic functionality. Actual performance will depend on your system configuration and other applications installed and running on your computer.