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Electrical Estimating Software – How to Choose the Best Electrical Estimating Software

best electrical estimating software uk

Electrical estimating software is essential for construction projects as it helps estimators calculate labor, materials, and cost accurately. It also helps contractors to keep track of the project after it is complete.

An electrical estimating system should include takeoff modules, scheduling and project management options, and pre-built cost databases. It should also support National Electrical Code (NEC) tables that automatically reconfigure the job when it is changed.


STACK is the best electrical estimating software uk because it makes takeoffs 10 times faster, has your team on the same page from the start, and lets you create personalised estimates & bids. It also helps to organize project documents, and manage costs, markup, tax, and overhead – all from a single platform.

Estimating is a crucial process in any business, and it is especially important for construction businesses. Without accurate calculations, contractors won’t be able to win more work orders and keep a good profit margin. This is why it’s important to choose the best estimating software.

Ideally, your software should be easy to use, and it should also be able to generate accurate estimates that win you more work orders. It should also be able to help you track your projects after they’ve been completed.

It’s also important that your estimating software is affordable and doesn’t break the bank. It should be able to do this with a variety of options, including changing per seat or per license, technical support, yearly updates, or monthly fees that never end.

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based system is that it’s portable and mobile, and can be used anywhere there’s an internet connection. Moreover, it can be updated at any time to include new features.

Another benefit of a cloud-based electrical estimating software is that it can be accessed wherever the user may be, even when they’re not at their office. This is important because it’s often necessary to access project plans and other information in the field.

This is why electrical estimating software is so vital to any construction business. It allows electricians to accurately calculate the costs, materials, and labor of a construction project. It also helps to ensure that there is a good profit margin on the final cost of the job.


Electrical estimating software helps professionals estimate the materials, labor time, and other costs of an electrical project. Choosing the best electrical estimating software for your business can be a challenging task. The software needs to be accurate, cost-effective, and integrative. Moreover, it should have an organizational hub that makes it easy to find documents.

In addition, it should provide pre-built cost databases and offer NECA’s manual of labor units for calculating material quantities. It should also offer takeoff capabilities, scheduling modules, and project management options.

Another important consideration is the amount of time the software saves you on your takeoffs and estimating processes. Luckily, many of the top estimating software tools include this feature.

For example, STACK offers an AutoCount tool that automatically calculates the materials and labor needed for your estimating process. This feature saves you a lot of time on takeoffs and estimating, and it can make your quoting process faster overall.

The system also has a variety of other estimation features, including an integrated quote designer that creates branded quotes. It also lets you add labor, overhead, and waste costs to your estimates to help you increase accuracy and efficiency.

Its organizational hub is a great way to keep track of your project plans and documents. It also has a plan search feature, so you can easily find the documents you need.

This construction estimating software is an all-in-one solution that can help you manage your projects, estimates, jobs, and more. It also includes a bookkeeping module that lets you record invoices and variations claims and generate lists of outstanding payments. The app also features a document library, data import/export, and scheduling.

Electric Ease

Electrical estimating software helps contractors accurately estimate the labor, materials and difficulty of electrical projects. These systems often include databases for thousands of items to help estimators develop accurate estimates.

Using the best electrical estimating software uk can ensure that an electrical contractor is competitive on job bids and that they are able to avoid substantial losses due to bid errors. Moreover, these tools can also provide the estimating team with important information that can be used to make better decisions when completing a project.

Electric Ease is an easy-to-use and powerful estimating system that provides users with reports that detail the parts and quantities estimated into a project as well as the time allotted for completion. This information is extremely useful for contractors and ensures that they are able to order parts ahead of time so that the entire project can be completed on time.

The estimating process is fast and efficient with this platform, so users can spend more time on other aspects of the business. Its process is automated so that it can automatically create estimates based on the labor and parts requirements that help contractors stay competitive in job bids.

In addition, the app is available on desktops and mobile devices so everyone can stay connected to what’s going on at any given moment. The app also offers a variety of features that can help electricians stay on top of their work and ensure that they have access to the necessary resources whenever they need them.

The software has a lot of useful features that can help both experienced and new estimators. It also allows for a wide range of customization options, which can help the user to create customized estimations. It also makes it possible to manage projects efficiently, which can help contractors win more jobs and increase their profits.

Best Bid

Electrical estimating software is an effective tool that can help you to create and submit an accurate estimate for your next electrical job. It allows you to create a breakdown of the project, including all costs and materials. It also allows you to submit the estimate to a tender or project proposal.

The best electrical estimating software uk should have all the tools that you need to complete an estimate quickly and efficiently. This includes automatic takeoff calculations, a full material library with up-to-date costs, a fast and accurate BOM builder, digital photos of all materials and more.

A good electrical estimating program should have tens of thousands of pre-built assemblies that you can select from when creating your estimates. This will save you time and money compared to having to create these types of assemblies yourself.

When choosing an estimating software, you should look for one that offers unlimited licenses, free support, and lifetime updates. You should also consider the pricing, features, platform, region, support options and integrations.

Another key aspect to look for is a tool that is user-friendly and efficient. This can save you time and help you to bid consistently. It can also improve your business’s reputation.

Having to manually enter each item or group of items when estimating is a major hassle. It is much easier to open a screen and select items directly from the database, then have them added to your estimate. This is a great time saver for low voltage estimators and helps to eliminate the need to search for specific items in the haystack of a pre-created assembly.

Using automated takeoff in your electrical estimating software will make a big difference to both the time it takes to create an estimate and its accuracy later on. This will help you to win more bids and keep your customers happy.

Energy Management

Energy Management is a specialized field that covers a wide range of topics from monitoring, auditing and improving energy efficiency. It is a critical component of a successful business strategy and it can be used to help corporations meet environmental goals as well as reduce their costs.

Energy managers perform audits to evaluate energy use, costs, and efficiency initiatives at a facility or business. These assessments are usually conducted on a periodic basis and can help organizations track their progress and set goals for future projects.

They also design energy efficiency initiatives that maximize energy conservation and often include water consumption as well. These initiatives are often part of a larger effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

These programs typically involve performing life cycle analyses and inspecting job sites to determine how efficient a building or facility is. Energy managers may also participate in energy retrofits and renovations that increase the amount of energy efficiency.

Electrical estimating software is an essential tool for contractors who handle electrical work. It helps them accurately estimate the labor, materials and difficulty of electrical jobs.

A good electrical estimating system will include a database for thousands of items, including circuits, switches, wires, conduit and boxes. It should also include National Electrical Code (NEC) tables that automatically reconfigure a job if changes are made.

It will also have a degree of difficulty selector that allows an estimator to charge different rates for harder or easier jobs, respectively. This feature can be particularly useful when an estimating software system is linked to a pricing service that provides electrical item prices from numerous distributors.

The best electrical estimating software uk can improve your estimate pricing and help you win more business. It can also save you time and increase your chances of winning biddings by allowing you to submit more professional estimates in less time.