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3 Construction Takeoff Software Tools

Manual takeoff calculations can be time consuming and costly, so using takeoff software can help you kick off projects faster. It can also reduce the amount of mistakes that can occur when measuring from paper blueprints.

The top takeoff programs offer a wide range of features for construction trades, including linear and area measurements, material estimation, and collaborative takeoff. Some have free versions for users to try before committing to a subscription.

Autodesk Takeoff

Autodesk Takeoff is a digital construction takeoff software that helps teams improve accuracy and productivity in the estimation process. This powerful software includes 2D and 3D takeoff capabilities, allowing users to produce automated quantities from plans, drawings and 3D models. It also allows for flexibility and customization, enabling users to easily adjust the formulas and models used for taking off. This makes the software more efficient, saving time and money for the team.

Various takeoff tools offer different features and workflows, but most of them allow estimators to point, click, and drag information directly from project plans, eliminating the need for manual calculation and measurement–which is a common source of error. Some of these tools also provide a material/quantity takeoff summary report that can be exported to Excel or directly imported into estimating and bidding tools.

In addition to time savings, these tools can also increase accuracy and productivity. For instance, digital, color-coded calculations for every room on the blueprints can make it easier to keep track of your work. It can also help reduce rework, which accounts for up to 20% of the cost of the average construction project. Furthermore, a digital estimating tool can enable you to quickly and efficiently create Request for Information (RFI) requests. This is a great feature for subcontractors who notice ambiguity or what may seem like an error on the blueprints.


Takeoff software helps contractors and estimators reduce the time it takes to perform a project. The software works by converting blueprints into digital representations. This allows estimators to point and click instead of manually calculating quantities, measurements and other details from the prints. This saves a lot of time and eliminates errors caused by manual calculations. eTakeoff’s software is designed to be used by construction businesses of all sizes, including custom home builders, production home builders, specialty trade contractors, and construction management and engineering firms.

Many vendors offer a free trial for their takeoff software but these trials are limited in duration and don’t allow estimators to truly test out the functionality of the system. Some vendors also require a credit card to sign up for the software, which can be an inconvenience for estimators who are not ready to commit to a full-scale implementation. eTakeoff offers a free 7-day trial and provides users with the tools needed to meet their basic takeoff needs without having to pay for a more comprehensive product.

The software has a modern ribbon toolbar interface that is familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft Office applications. The eTakeoff toolbar lets users easily navigate between different tools and features, and they can even create customized quick access toolbars to streamline their workflows. The software also allows users to create user-defined extensions that can incorporate formulas, variables and if/then logic. This enables them to expand their Trace Measurement properties beyond track, studs and other items to include things like wall thickness and heights.

On Center

With On Center, contractors can automate takeoff measurements for area, linear and counts, and focus on analyzing results and optimizing pricing to win more bids. OST also simplifies cost estimating by importing quantities from a variety of sources including On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control.

Stop spending time creating manual estimates using notes and marked up drawings. Easily compare itemized labor rates and materials to precisely predict costs. Track production to see how far your crew has come, and identify any shortcomings in productivity to keep projects on schedule and within budget. OST seamlessly integrates with Quick Bid to facilitate importing quantity data 10 times faster and more accurately.


PlanViewer is an online takeoff and measurement tool that provides a comprehensive suite of features to help companies improve project and portfolio management capabilities. The software helps users manage their entire project lifecycle from ideation to execution and project outcome reporting. It also offers consolidated resource management and enables users to see how their resources are used across multiple projects.

With a robust and customizable platform, PlanViewer is a great option for large teams. Its scalable tools include agile planning, enterprise performance management, and capital planning. These solutions work together to provide a single source of truth for an organization’s business data. The system is also integrated with a number of other tools, including digital asset management and business intelligence.

Detailed Document Sharing and Tracking

Planview’s suite of tools includes collaborative and collaborative features that allow multiple departments to share data with one another. These include virtual whiteboard and brainstorming canvases, kanban boards, and notifications. The company also supports mobile devices, allowing team members to work anywhere and anytime. The software is easy to use and can be customized based on your team’s needs.

While the system has many features, it can be difficult to manage the information overload that comes with such a comprehensive solution. It allows you to create multiple workspaces, which can help prevent overcluttering and reduce the risk of data exfiltration. The platform also allows you to create different user roles with limited privileges, which can protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.