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Electrical Estimating Software For Electrical Contractors

Electrical estimating software allows users to improve the accuracy of their estimates and boost productivity. It also helps them avoid budget blowouts.

Some systems offer a database of supplier pricing that can be used to calculate costs and margins. They also include formulas for specific electrical work such as runs, voltage drops and fault currents.


If you’re an electrician, estimating is a key part of your business. It helps you evaluate costs and resources needed to complete projects. It also helps you create estimates that are more accurate than manual ones. In addition, it helps you make the most of your time and money.

With electrical estimating software, you can create detailed estimates in less time. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and learn. It also allows you to import project drawings from PDFs, which saves time and effort. It also lets you track labor, material and other costs. It also provides you with a complete estimate report.

The program has a cloud-based system and is accessible on any device. Users can work on a single estimate at home or on the go, and it also supports team collaboration. Its features include a database with thousands of electrical item details and on-screen plan takeoff. It can be used by small businesses or larger firms.

It’s a great choice for construction companies and electric contractors. Its powerful software can help you generate accurate estimates and bid more competitively. Its features also allow you to easily integrate with your accounting system. It’s also easy to use and has a variety of templates to help you get started. It is available for free and is an excellent alternative to Excel.


A good electrical estimating software program helps builders, contractors, and project developers estimate the cost of an electrical construction project. It is a powerful tool for creating accurate estimates, and is a must for any contractor. It can also be used to generate a detailed plan of the entire job, including all of the equipment and materials needed to complete it. This will help you avoid over-estimating or underestimating your costs.

Top vendors include an array of features to make the process of preparing an estimate easier for electrical contractors. For example, they often offer an app that assesses lighting requirements based on the room’s dimensions and paint colors. They also include the ability to link the program to accounting systems. This capability is especially valuable for design/build companies.

Moreover, the best electrical estimating programs include a database of items that is more specific to the industry. This saves time as estimators don’t have to create their own items. These programs can also integrate with a pricing database to automatically calculate quantities and costs. These databases can include city cost indexes and vendor item prices.

The best electrical estimating software comes with a comprehensive training program to teach users how to use the system. The training is usually one-to-one or with a small group of users. This helps users become familiar with the system and ask questions.


A quality electrical estimating software program should have a database with thousands of items to make it easy for estimators to create accurate estimates. It should also have a degree of difficulty selector to allow estimators to choose different rates for various types of work. It should also be integrated with a pricing service, making it easier to compare item prices across multiple distributors and regions. It should be possible to import and export material lists and assembly builders. It should be possible to build custom assemblies and feeder schedules, and it should be able to produce recap sheets.

It is also essential to look for an electrical estimating system that can handle digital on-screen plan takeoff. This feature can significantly speed up the estimating process. The software should include a preloaded database of standard construction items and assemblies. It should also provide real-time material price updates. It should be user-friendly and adaptable to dual monitor setups. It should also be able to import PDFs, and it should be able to calculate labor, materials and miscellaneous costs.

The best electrical estimating software will save contractors time and money by enabling them to deliver professional-looking estimates. It will also enable them to improve their success rate and increase profitability. A professionally presented estimate fortified by precise costing will also help them secure more contracts. In addition, this software will help them reduce the time they spend on preparing estimates and focus more on productive tasks.


It can be a real challenge for an electrical contractor to create accurate estimates that are labor and material efficient, keep overhead in check, and maximize profit. However, implementing an estimating software system can make the process of creating estimates far easier and more accurate for electrical contractors.

Choosing the best electrical estimating software depends on your business needs and the type of projects you work on. For example, you might need a tool that can automatically populate cost data and pricing information from your distributors. This will save you time and effort and eliminate the need to manually enter all this information. You should also consider a solution that will incorporate degree of difficulty selectors to help you determine the right rate for a particular job.

A good estimating software will also allow you to compare your estimate against other quotes from different competitors. This will ensure that your bid is competitive and will win you more jobs. You can also use the software to track your profit margins, bids, and other financial data. It will also provide a complete workflow and support for construction management, estimating, and project scheduling.

The estimating software you choose should be compatible with your accounting software, such as FreshBooks or FreshBooks Online. Integrated software solutions will offer you the convenience of estimating, invoicing, and scheduling all in one place, which can be a huge time-saving advantage for your business.